Sunday, November 11, 2007


Pages Needed

Wikipedia has a list of Australian poets here. As you will see, there are a fair amount of pages still needed to be written, over 60 at the current count, so why not get stuck into them and get that number down?

I thought your readers might like to help with this poem?
it'is nice blog...
Good idea. I would get right onto it but they won't let me write my own, the bastards. Have a fantabulous day,
Hello you might be interested in Australias leading erotic poet
The National library of Australias tells me it is colin leslie dean

colin leslie dean he is published by gamahucher press

has over 34 books of erotic poetry published
he is the sole Australian author on the National Australia catalogue for “erotic poetry Australia”,%20Australian.%22&iknowwhatimean=1

With such poems as
is your cunt hairy

oestres :lamantations of a wet cunt

do ya wanta fuck
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